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  10/15/05 - Oklahoma City

Ahhh, slept in today, what a luxury! You know folks, normally, musicians don’t get up til the crack of noon…or is it the crack of ice? Anywho, we got up and went to the Stockyards, to revisit Shorty’s and get our hats tuned up. Some of you might remember that we got custom made hats on the last trip and this time we wanted to bring them in for their three hundred thousand note service. It reminded me of the trips to the barber when I was a little kid, although being a kid from the 60s, I always wanted a bit more length than my dad did, maybe that explains part of my pathology, I always shuddered at the phrase ‘regular boys’ as in hair cut…or anything else?!

Hats ready, we toured some sights in town and made it back to Edmond for a guitar clinic, some really nice students, we swung for a while sound checked and retreated to the hotel for some rest before the show. We are a bit behind schedule here and will be burning up the road, but it’s the right time to do it, the towns get further and further apart as we head west out to Texas and the NM and Ariz desert. Got a date with Harley and Annabelle tomorrow too, can’t wait.

Just over a week onto the trip the band is holding up pretty well, the occasional friction (to be expected) but everyone has played well, in good spirits and solidly behind the reason we are doing this. I just got an email from Shelby Eicher, the phenomenal fiddler from Tulsa, who has expressed interest in making our LA party, let’s see if we can make that happen, don’t bet against us…wahoo! When you get an endorsement from a top hand like him it is inspiring.

Gig was happenin, Brian Gorrell sat in and blew some hot and cool tenor, a really fun time. The Jazz Lab at Central OK Univ is a great place to play, a real New Orleans-style club, with a balcony, excellent acoustics and great ambience. The people there—not the biggest crowd we’ve had, but one of the more enthusiastic—were great, responsive and attentive. They ought to give lessons. Played way overtime…cause it felt so good.

Pinto Pammy here: thought I’d add my 2 cents tonight, we say goodbye to Oklahoma tomorrow bright and early, we will miss it – the world’s nicest people live here – honestly!! but I am looking forward to seeing the great southwest again. well, we had a really great gig tonight (even though we were competing with willie nelson, our crowd may have been smaller, but they were very enthusiastic), it’s midnight and time to hit the old bunkhouse - byeeee

Well said double P! Check out our next installment: Waitin for Willie…he may be good, but I’m the best guitar player…in my price range?! Out to the state line and beyond…going past the halfway point tomorrow…that is, if we make it that far.

A gentle reminder: We are doing this to support JazzMasters Workshop, a no charge music-mentoring programs for kids. Please consider a per mile pledge, we’d appreciate it. You can do it right from this site! Thanks.