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  10/14/05 - Oklahoma City

Left Tulsa (wasn’t easy after a killer waffle breakfast with Rick and Terry) and we followed the old road into OK City, in time for a hit at Cross Timbers School. Played for two different groups of kids, what a wonderful time, they were appreciative, rhythmic and extremely well-behaved,. It was tons of fun, and we found some future music makers (one who made the gig later, it turned out to be Sheri’s nephew, a swingin little guy named Chris, who announced to us: “I have been inspired to be a drummer” not bad for a fourth grader, at least I think he was about that age...and of course I should know, fourth grade was the best five years of my life!).

We made our return to The Ranch, the best steak you could ever want to eat, pure delicious, killer service, western finery at its best. We christened their new banquet room and were treated royally (of course). Playing here was one of our fondest memories from the original challenge, and I can say without Sheri and Shorty’s support we mightn’t have made it to the Texas line. It all started with killer cowboy hats, made at Shorty’s Caboy Hattery, we played at the store and she’d called her friend Sheri to come hear us, then we got the gig and the rest is Cow Bop history…swingin in the most fashionable extremes.

Unfortunately, Shorty was on the road at a horse show so we had to do without her. I must say that all in all the timing has been exquisite, so, we had to miss something and you can bet we’ll catch up with Shorty sooner (pun intended) rather than later.

Craig from SCO is yet another shining example of what any band could ever want on the road. He is helpful, cheery, watchful and just A-one. We will certainly miss his company when he heads off into the sunset tomorrow. The sponsorship has been a real help to JazzMasters Workshop and the kids, we will be able to donate a lot more to the program because of all they do and they are taping a lot of stuff, we might be able to have a nice documentary of the experience for next year…that’s right, we’re already talking about next year. But of course, we got tomorrow to deal with, I’ve got a seminar with the students at Central Oklahoma Univ. then a gig at the Jazz Lab there, my kind of day. So until then, keep swingin.

We’ll be crossing the finish line on the Santa Monica Pier Friday the 21st, and a party at the Westin Hotel at LAX that night, at 7 pm, why don’t you come by for a killer hang?

A gentle reminder: We are doing this to support JazzMasters Workshop, a no charge music-mentoring programs for kids. Please consider a per mile pledge, we’d appreciate it. You can do it right from this site! Thanks.