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  10/17/05 - Near Gallup

Ah yes, trotting into Gallup, the unbelievable New Mexican desert sky radiating in pre-dusk splendor. Rocky crags are beginning to turn purple, the relief taking on a fine outline, clouds turning gold, then pink. The softness of the light is a drastic contrast from the harsh and punishing sunlight that scorches the daylight hours.

We played for a group of enthusiastic and well-mannered 10th through 12th grade students at the Albuquerque Academy. We told our story, played our unique brand of fusion music and generally had a ball. Then Zack (I hope that’s the right spelling) sat in on alto to a rousing ovation…way to go man! The T-Shirts were a hit and now we’re back to shouting out to all of you, check some of it out.

We’re gonna visit the El Rancho in Gallup try to scare up a hit tonight then work our way into Arizona tomorrow. The El Rancho is an old hotel, built for the Hollywood stars, it seems many didn’t want to do westerns without the proper accommodations. In the time since then, the place has gone through many ups and downs, but the main part is a lodger that rivals anywhere in the world, suites named after the many stars who stayed there. I’ll let you know how it turns out, gotta get me eyes around this incredible sunset…adios for now.

We couldn’t resist, the El Rancho is so happening. They gave us a deal and a half and we're hangin in real history, a route 66 treasure. The guys are in the Jimmy Stewart room, Double P and I are in Betty Grable (Doris Day and Betty Hutton were booked, and the Gene Autry suite was a bit much).

And guess what? They remembered us from last year, so we played a long couple of sets for the staff and guests…including Mr. Ortega the proprietor. What a terrifically cool scene they got here, we’ve already made our plans for déjà vu vu. We got an early lobby call so I’m gonna cut this short, be posting more from the AZ desert tomorrow: Wigwam Motel Petrified Forest, a corner in Winslow Arizona…take it easy!

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