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  10/11/05 - St. Louis

We did it again!!!! A second day in St. Louis, nice people and beautiful city with a park that is spectacular, lots of fun in spite of the early spotty weather. It started off as we headed into town in a rain shower, riding down the freeway next to a guy in a Jaguar XKE…with the top down! At least his wipers were goin! I did a seminar for the kids at Washington University, world famous guitarist Bill Lenihan runs the program there.

Of course all that playin and hangin can make one hungry so we wended our wa back to The Hill and chowed down again. After that it was a trip back to Edwardsville to do a session at SIUE, where Rick Heydon runs things, man , these kids played really great, what a fun program they got going, this town is obviously well-stocked with world-class pickers.

Then it was back to Wash Univ. for a concert in a beautiful new lecture hall that had acoustics that were super Cow Bop friendly. Some students from both schools and people at large came and we had a great old time. Gonna be sorry to see this town in the rear view mirror, but if we don’t start eating up some of 66, we might not be home in time for next year’s trip…that is, if I can talk the others into it.

I can see why people just travel and re-travel route 66, it has a special charm and magic, every new thing leads to more, sort of like music, where even though you might be in familiar territory new discoveries and perspectives seem to find you. Looking forward to some open road, old 66 and a few street hits on our way to Springfield, where we are playing in the evening.

Until then, we bid you fondue…

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