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  10/13/05 - Tulsa, OK

Forgive me, bleary eyed, late night, in good form generally. It was a tri-state day, moved out of Springfield Mo in the late am and wound our way down 66 to Kansas. The big disappointment was that Duane (of the panjo and peach pit art) wasn’t at his haunt at the cement arch bridge near Baxter Springs and it seems that no one even knew who he is…but I’ve got pictures of him from last year!

We sped into Tulsa, what a great place! Beautiful, great culture and swingin musicians. We played at the O Jazz Hall of Fame, swung deep into the eve with a great crowd, had Shelby Eicher and Rick Bentley to play along then Chuck Cissel sang a couple, a rousing evening looking forward to spending more time here…sometime soon…and then, we had a lengthy jam here at Rick’s house. He is putting us up so I got to turn this off so we can get back to playing. Updates tomorrow after our session at an elementary school.

Oh yeah, a new addition to the crowd, Craig Bushman of SCO is out on the hang, man these guys are not only a real help but the nicest peeps you could ever hope to hang with…and thanks for the technolog. You might have noticed a lack of shouts, it is because we are in an area of extended network that doesn’t support the data transfer, it won’t be long before the world catches up to us…both shout and Cow Bop…see you then…they’re playing Blue Skies,… I got to get back in for a chorus or two…wish me luck…

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