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  May 21th, 2004 - Cow Bop arrives in Los Angeles...

Well folks, we did it! Crossed the pier this morning at 9:30 am, exactly two weeks after we left Chicago. We even had $12 to spare (and we didn't even break into the CD stash). So the answer to the challenge is a resounding: it can be done, but not without all of you! It all started as a dream and desire to do something special for music and children, and to have a once in a lifetime experience. Now, with the bittersweet combination of jubilation of attainment and sadness of finality I write this last entry. A voyage so grand, arduous and challenging is bound to bring out many qualities in people, I find myself consumed with gratitude and respect.

First of all, to my fellow travelers and support team: I could not have attained this dream without you. Your humoring me when things got rough, your unflappable persistence in the face of overwhelming odds, your willingness to sacrifice your time for JazzMasters Workshop, and your artistry and professionalism under some of the most unusual and often difficult circumstances is a marvel to me, and I will always cherish it as the highest example of the human spirit.

To the people who supported us during this trip, your generosity and warmth have forever changed me, your are a shining example of what it means to be a fine person and friend, and for all the best reasons. I will strive to be worthy of such kindness and to return it every day.

To our sponsors:

Ford: Thanks to Dave Boule and team and Western Region Ford for believing in our mission and cause, for providing such a fine vehicle, and for all of your help. Clementine was an equal member of the team and no one worked any harder than she did (and she never complained, not even once!)

Eastman Strings: The guitar and bass are fantastic instruments, both new, and they held up to weather changes, strange environments (both acoustical and physical) they always played and sounded great. It is an honor to represent such a good product and group of people.

Thales Navigation/Magellan, (Ellen our navigator). We made it home, I think that says volumes, and more eloquently than I ever could.

AccuGroove: Great speaker, true sound, at every volume and in every circumstance

Acoustic Image: An amp that made an acoustic guitar upright bass and vocals sound great at every volume, pure and sweet. Amazing.
And to all of you who have read this and kept in touch: We could all feel your love and support, it made our odyssey a breeze. You were right there with us and we can only convey our most heartfelt thanks. An army really crossed the finish line toady in Santa Monica, and it was a great ride.

Now it is the time to put our commitment to the test. Together we can continue to ensure that kids get the opportunity to experience all the life affirming benefits of music, that musicians in every community are afforded the opportunity to inspire and nurture them. We need to do this for ourselves, for our culture and for our country. I invite you to continue to be a part of this challenge every day, and I urge you to support us in any way you can. All my sincerest and warmest best wishes, Bruce

From the other Cow Boppers:


Well folks, it's the end of an era, the era of the Cow Bop Route 66 Challenge. It's kind of funny, but while we were on it, time went pretty slow. But now that it's over, it seems like it just flew by. I know people want to know what it was like being the only girl on this trip, and many women have been asking me how I could stand to be in such close quarters with 3 guys for almost 3 weeks. Well, I never would have considered going along at all if I didn't already know what fine human beings these three guys are. Even when times were rough they were always kind, sweet and funny (especially the potty humor). And they really weren't that gassey after all. I think I will actually miss them.

"Cozy Dog" Dan Robbins:

Wow, where to begin? This trip turned out to be all I had hoped for and more. Though the days were long and the time to sleep much too short, it was an unforgettable experience. Each day seemed like about 36 hours. No nine hours sleep on this trip! We saw so many sights, met so many great people, that it will take months to fully digest. (Kinda like my first sixteen Cozy Dogs). I seemed to experience the "relativity of space and time" as the hundreds of miles and dozens of towns rolled; it really was unbelievable how much we managed to pack into each day. Mega-kudos to Bruce for having the vision, guts, and perseverance to put it all together and drag us out of bed each morning. I am thankful to the nth degree. And yet, there is so much more to see and do on the Mother Road. I will definitely travel the route again, and hopefully with as great a group as these three.

Mike McKinley (The Box Man):

We met the challenge and reached our goal. What happened in between was a great experience and adventure. To relive route 66 after my first trip on that "Mother Road" was to recall the drive in 1952 in my Dad's Studebaker. Now I remember why kids in the back seat say: "are we there yet?" To the people, the sights and sounds, the glimpse of America, past and present, thank you so much.

We'll see you in our dreams, Cow Bop.

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