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  May 4th, 2004 - Letter to the Monterey Herald

“You guys are crazy.” I hear that a lot (I still can’t believe I talked the others into this). While we hope to bring music to a lot more kids through our odyssey down America’s Main Street, I’ll consider it a grand success if we can merely limit our nights sleeping in the truck, do laundry once a week, and are still on speaking terms when—and if—we get back.

People also ask, “Why we are doing this?” The simple answer is because we have to. Our commitment to music and children calls us to it. But it is also something far deeper that propels us, at is as if as Americans we have a genetic code that drives us and impels us down the road. And yes, we will find out a lot about this expansive land and its diverse people, but ultimately, we will find out more about ourselves. Crazy? They just might be right.

The Cowbop players:

PintoPammy vocals
Bruce Forman guitar and narrator
Mike McKinley drums
Dan Robbins bass
Clementine a bright orange Ford Explorer Sport Trac (they'll see us coming)