Wanna go on a road trip? Ever wonder what would happen if you just followed the trail to see where it would go? To discover what's there? Well, click on a saga on the menu above (without clicking your seat belt) and follow Bruce Forman's road odysseys... down historical (and hysterical) byways... as he finds out.

Surprises, challenges and amazing music and community lurk around every corner... but please, click responsibly!!!
"I want to see this before it all goes away... that was my first though during a chance encounter with the Route 66, at a neglected roadhouse and dilapidated motor court. There was a road sign, worn and rusted, having been the victim of decades of target practice. Upon my challenges and excursions down the road, I learned that it is isn't going anywhere... sure, they might have seen better days, and have to reinvent themselves, but the commitment to roots, a place and a home is palpable. The metaphor is not lost on this jazz musician." - Bruce Forman