Departing August 8, 2006
from the southern tip of California Highway 1, Cow Bop will take on the rugged coast in support of JazzMasters Workshop (JMW). Not willing to rest on the laurels of their successful trips down historic Route 66 and the California Gold Country, the band will once again depart with a mere $100 and no scheduled gigs, playing, begging and bartering their way to the famed Lost Coast. This time, they’ll have a JMW student in tow, (fiddler Noah Freedman, 10th Grade, Carmel High School). What better way to show firsthand how the music-mentoring process works?

“I fully expect Noah to opt for Medical school after this,” says guitarist and JMW founder Bruce Forman. “We know a lot more people along this route than 66, but I’ve learned not to take anything for granted. This is not for the faint of heart, believe me. It does promise to be a lot of fun and I hope we can raise awareness of what we do and find some new spots to expand the program. Musicians are an untapped resource and JMW has shown how mentoring transforms lives. I expect many musicians to find us out on the open road and play along. I’m throwing down the gauntlet here… it’s time to stop complaining and do something, for the kids and the future of our music!”

The band will be blogging journals and pictures (some of which will be printed in newspapers), doing radio call-ins, and even some video. They are asking for pledges to ensure that the program can continue to keep music an important and vital part of the lives’ of young people. Please do what you can...come on, put your money where your ears are!!

“ 'You guys are crazy'… that was the most common response to our original Route 66 missions. It was always intoned with a forlorn nostalgia and vicarious quality, the very sentiment evoking a sense of freedom. If it’s crazy to believe in the power of music, to be committed to an important cause and have faith in people - that they will rally and support us—then that’s a quality I gladly accept. I invite everyone to come along… and bring your axe!”

(all funds from these concerts will go to JazzMasters Workshop, which means that the band will have to work even harder to make sure they've got a roof over their head, food in their bellies and gas in the tank...ouch!)

August 3, Carmel Valley Art Center, CV Rd, & Pilot Rd. 5-7pm
August 5, Del Monte Center: Sunken Gardens 12-1, Whole Foods 2-4

August 5, Central Coast Creative Center, 455 Reservation Rd. Suite I, Marina, 8-11pm
August 6, Big Sur River Inn, 12:30-4:30

August 7 LA KICK-OFF Party!!  Crowne Plaza, LAX, 7-10 pm
official start day!! 8 Aliso Creek Inn and Golf Course, Laguna Beach, 7-9 pm
  9 Palos Verdes
  13 River Inn Big Sur, 6:30-8:30 pm
  14 Carmel Youth Center
  15 Cetrella's, Half Moon Bay, evening
  16 19 Broadway, Fairfax 9:30pm-?

Tim Negris