COW BOP departs Chicago October 7, retracing their successful voyage of May, 2004! Can they make it the whole way to LA by playing, bartering, selling CDs and living off the kindness of strangers? Please support music-mentoring by pledging for each mile traveled, donated to JazzMasters Workshop. The band will also visit schools and community centers, creating a personal context for the arts experience in today’s world.

1. To raise awareness and support for JazzMasters Workshop and the mentoring process
2. To emphasize the importance of the spontaneous human element of music performance, to articulate
    through action the importance of personal contact with the arts, to inspire kids to follow through with
    projects and dreams
3. To reinvigorate America's pioneering spirit and love of the 'road'

We made it the last time.
Now is the time to revisit our voyage, to expand on our network of friends and to provide a context for the legacy of American culture. Our last journey took us to new and unexpected places, revealed many things about America and ourselves and was underlined by the generosity and spirit of people throughout the country.

The question was: Could it be done? Could musicians—relying on their skill and guile—support themselves, spontaneously, on the road? Our original quest was borne of this. We departed Chicago—on route to LA—with only $100 and a full tank of gas, only to discover that people would take part and support our anachronistic mission. Like minstrels of yore, we moved freely from place to place, responding to life’s basic rhythm, relying on the generosity of strangers and embracing the pioneering spirit of freedom that is deeply etched in the American psyche. And the answer was a resounding YES!

Our reason for choosing Route 66 was—and is—its symbolic and mythic status in our culture. While much of it is now interstate highway and bypassed—much like intimate musical performance—the route afforded us the occasion to connect with a wide variety of people and places. Our statement exemplifies our optimistic and nurturing approach to the future. We are supporting JazzMasters Workshop (JMW), a non-profit organization dedicated to putting the power of music performance into the hands of children. With programs that address various levels of ability, JMW empowers the resources of the music community to inspire and enlighten young people. Again—like our last trip—we ask for pledges for every mile we travel, and these funds will enable JMW to make inroads, reaching even more children.

It is another exciting challenge. The success is in the doing. Come along for the ride!

Click here to learn more about the Route 66 Challenge band Cow Bop.

These are some of the scheduled performances en route:


6 Chicago Cultural Center, Kick-Off Party, Noon
7 Gabbatoni’s, Springfield, IL (7-10pm)
8 Leave Chicago, PJs, Dawson, IL (eve)
10 Kennedy High School St. Louis afternoon clinic, evening concert
11 Washington University, 12-2, SIEU 3:30
13 Tulsa, OK Jazz Hall of Fame (eve)
14 *OK City, Ranch Steakhouse (eve)
15 Edmond, OK; Central Oklahoma University afternoon clinic, evening concert
17 Albuquerque, Albuquerque Academy, afternoon clinic
18 Flagstaff, Weatherford Hotel, Zane Grey Ballroom
20 San Bernadino, school clinic (daytime)
21 Finish Line Party at Westin LA Airport Hotel, Century Blvd. 7pm, no charge!

*combined fundraiser Katrina & JMW