Greetings and welcome to the On The Edge Cow Bop Band Tracker page. Using GPS (Global Positioning System) technology graciously donated by GEOTrax, you can now locate the band 'real time' while they journey along the highway... assuming they have their remote turned on (grin).

Please do not attempt to make any changes to the account preferences. Thanks.

Here's how it works... Click here to go to the GEOTrax website. The first thing you should see on this site will look something like the following:

Please enter this access information:

Username: route66
Password: OTEhwy1

The password is case sensitive. Then, click the Login button. This will take you to the next screen...

On the next screen, click the Jazz66 link located on the top left corner of the page right next to a question mark. If you see a No Active Devices message instead, the GPS remote is off. So, try again later.

If it is active, clicking the Jazz66 link will open the GPS map and display information showing where our intrepid heroes (Cow Bop) can be found.


Tim Negris