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Two by Two
Man, pouring cats and chicks around here. Really put a dent in our outdoor thang, but we managed to make a few hits. Regrouped here in Grass Valley in the am, (cakes swung like Count Basie!), and then we headed to Auburn for an assembly at E V Cain Middle School, a full gymnasium of antsy kids. However, we managed to ease them with some cow bop swingin and an impromptu yodel and drum battle. (You had to be there). It was sorta nostalgic for me, after all, seventh grade was the best six years of my life! Met up with Angie from the arts council, she donated a healthy pledge (wow! thanks!)and set us up with a show tonight at the Club Car, an outta sight bar in Auburn. Met up with some great folks, played acoustic (Mikey doing his Johann Sebastian Box thang) and we raised a bit more for the trip south. But not before we headed back to Maggie's to save on the hotel dough. I don't know for sure, but if we don't get movin, we might have to move in somewhere (which isn't the worst thing that could happen). A gut feeling tells me we'll be here more and that this is prime JazzMasters territory, look for some regional action before too long…keep our fingers crossed!

We're hopin that it'll be dry enough to play a short memorial in Rough and Ready at Pammy's dad's grave before the southward swig, but if not, we'll do it the next time, and from the indications and response, it'll be sooner than later.

Just like the original gold rush, California's real riches are its people, their spirit, a willingness to stick their neck out and go with the flow, to take chances on a bunch of crazy-but well-minded-gypsies, and a pioneering sprit that is so tangible you can almost grab it in your hand. That and the natural beauty…if only those miner-guys could've seen it through all in their avarice for the metal, the land itself (along with the peeps) proved to be the real gold. Monuments to days gone by stand testament to the future and a hopefulness that embraces both the change and the legacy that pervades this corridor.

Song by song, note by note and mile by mile we also find ourselves not only leaving a part of ourselves but taking a some of all this with us, reminded of why we do all this in the first place. Our world might not be one of security, and even like the very unsettled quality of the weather, it reminds us of Noah, two by two by two, yet we remain ever faithful to our mission. We'll see you in our dreams…

Due to popular demand, we have decided to give folks a detailed accounting of the Challenge, that way you can all ride the edge with us…yikes!


Earned Pledges (on road)
$100 (seed money)
$191 (Coopers)

$89 (Club Car)
$46 breakfast
$5 (tis & bits)

$3 its & bits
$37 food
$49 (1)

$300 Art Council of Placer County
TOTAL $380 $91 $349

In-pocket total: $289

Click here for the Cowbop Theater movie (requires Windows Media)