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It All Relative(s)
Saved by the mom-in law, that's the story today, you know the story: What's the difference between in-laws and outlaws? Outlaws are wanted! Well, that don't hold no water today! Maggie, (PintoPammy's mom) fed us and has offered to house the whole darn band for the night…lap of luxury, at least compared to our normal "Challenge' housing. Maybe we ought to rethink the whole routing thing, but the history is a compelling call.

Well, we woke up in a picturesque little site up in the mountains, the Butte Resort, in a burg called Sierra City. Everyone surrendered their money and we pulled out the ceremonial Ben Franklin and ambled across the street for breakfast at the Buckhorn. It was a rustic place with good home cookin, wow! Tried out my luck, suggested that we play for it, but, since we were the only ones there, I guess they needed the dough as much as we did, so after a long chat, we paid the check, and voila, they made a pledge to JazzMasters…how cool is that?!

That part of the gold country is absolutely breathtaking, the Yuba river snakes its way down to the foothills, the fall color is breathtaking, the trees are majestic and the air: crystal clear in its autumn crispness. Stopped in Downieville, a historic spot, came within 11 votes of being California's capitol in the early 50's (1850's that is), what a time that must have been. Stopped by for a quick (very brief) hang at the gallows there, no where to play, and swingin is not as intriguing when a rope is involved.

Made it down the river to Nevada City and cased the place out, readied ourselves for the hit tonight and went over to Maggie's pad. Cozy Dog headed out into the expansive forest out back and the rest of us settled in for a rest before playing.

Man, Nevada City is a swingin place, the hit at Coopers was great. We were very well received met some seriously cool peeps and played all night. They were overly generous and set us straight for the long road ahead,. This town has a lot of nite life and people who know their stuff, they sung along with a lot of our more obscure tunes…we'll be back. Thanks to all, especially Mikail Graham, who put it all together and Bill Douglass, bassist extraordinaire and longtime pal, who hooked us up with everything…yeah, we'll be back!

Well folks, adios, got an early seat at the breakfast table, Maggie's cookin cakes, and we'll need it for the long dusty trail ahead.

Due to popular demand, we have decided to give folks a detailed accounting of the Challenge, that way you can all ride the edge with us…yikes!

10/18 Earned Pledges (on road)
$100 (seed money)
$191 (Coopers)
$46 breakfast
$5 (tis & bits)
$49 (1)
TOTAL $291 $51 $49

In-pocket total: $240

Click here for the Cowbop Theater movie (requires Windows Media)