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  May 19th, 2004 - Pinto Pammy reports from Flagstaff, AZ...

Note: Hello everyone, this is PintoPammy live from the historic Weatherford hotel in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. I've decided to write a little preface to Bruce's journal entry. I'm really hoping his writing tonight will be a little shorter than usual, because the poor man needs some rest!! It's not easy being tour leader, bandleader, gig-getter, driver, chief decision maker, negotiator, and archivist too! "Aw shucks, honey, it's not that big of a deal, and I promise I'll be brief, if only this spell check will get out of my waayye."

Galloped out of Gallup, across the Arizona border and headed back in time thousands of years: The Petrified Forest. It is a strangely multi-colored lunar-looking landscape, scattered with fossilized trees, rocks with petroglyphs and dinosaur bones. When we got out of there and back returned to present day reality, we spent time bouncing between old route 66 (when it was there) and the interstate.

The phone started ringing and it turned out the that the town of Flagstaff was welcoming us in. By the time we hit Winslow (yes, the standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona, Winslow) we had two-count em- two hits for tonight. This is all thanks to Steve Reynolds who didn't even know us, wow! But first, we had to do a Cow Bop version of a corner in Winslow, and yep you guessed it...a Ford dealership,. Man did we catch these guys off guard. When they got tired ogling Clementine, they settled in and we swung out a few tunes, a few had never heard yodeling, and I think they were afraid Pammy was in need of medical assistance. We caught a quick picture with them and the cow out front of their store and we headed on west. The ever-patient PintoPammy finally commandeered the voyage-a mini mutiny-having given in to our incessant tour hogging and was in need of some serious shopping, even if it was merely the window kind. She actually did have a momentary lapse of her senses and treated us to a freeway Cozy Dog (the drive-in not the bass player) puppet show version of Indian Love Call. (We'll post it as soon as I get a high-speed connection, you gotta check it out).

Along with our gig at a club called Altitudes (outside on a patio adjacent to the busy train tracks), we got booked into the Weatherford hotel, the Zane Grey Ballroom, the actual place where he wrote Call of the Canyon, (one I have actually read). They treated us to fine lunch, I'm glad they hadn't read up on Cozy Dog in advance. Then we got yet another fantastic treat: our dear friends from home decided to drop in on us. Warren & Penny Wood and Grig-whose family set us up so well in Springfield, IL at the beginning of this enduring odyssey-popped in for some Cow Bop Arizona-style, and just to see how we were doing. Of course it didn't hurt that Flagstaff is a great place to hang out. There are a lot of things happening, the weather is sublime, the air is crystal clear if a tad thin (which makes a bar bull go further). The town has a great mix of all ages, and great food and shopping. It is a railroad town, the trains are blowing through at regular intervals, playing their full repertoire, heightening old west feel of this quaint and friendly spot.

We are speeding to our journey's end it seems, and even though it might seem fast to some-it does to us-we are all aware that any length would leave a lot left undone, that perhaps we'll have to consider a follow-up. I know you're thinking: how can you even broach the idea so soon? Well folks, I am excited to return home, but an experience like this whets your appetite for more too. I heartily suggest that all of you head out with the destination undecided or allotting extra time, and in search of all of the great people, places and things that await you if you stay open to them.

We have an open possibility in San Bernadino tomorrow night, and we'll probably make it, but, you never know. It sounds fun, but there is a lot of historic 66 in between, and it might just take us longer. Just when an how we'll cross the finish line is still up in the air, we'll probably just take Santa Monica Pier by surprise as we have everyone else so far. I invite all of you to track us, and participate in both the crossing of the finish line and our symbolic extension of Route 66 back home, after all, John Steinbeck christened it as our Mother Road, and we all have a stake in this, for the kids, for the music and for ourselves. Just a sec: "Honey, I'm wrapping this up…yeah…I promise." More tomorrow, stay tuned, I hear the train a coming.

Quote of the day: "I am calling you oooooooooo" Catch the video.

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