Dec 19, 7pm-12 midnight
Dec 20, 12am-5am
Dec 20, 5am-10am
Dec 20, 10 am-3pm
Dec 20, 3pm-8pm

*** Dec 19, 7pm-12 midnight ***

1 doggin it at the beginnin
chris' dad
1 here we go!
1 pintopammy and dudley help out
first tune, jazzmaster horn section

1 far
guys jammin
in back
1 far
more than
forty folks
1 doggin it at the beginnin
night & day
1 doggin it at the beginnin
off to a
rousing start
1 doggin it at the beginnin
pizza arrived!
1 doggin it at the beginnin
the twins

Bruce Forman: (38 people)
well, here we go. this year we have about four times as many people playing as last time. oh well, I hope they’ve got the steam for the full hang…we’ll see!

Chris Lopez
man…. the songs are goin… it’s alright… but we stay too much in the comfort zone… the last piece we played, the latin on, was kinda slow it coulda been faster and dance like but overall I’m loving this feel. this is my first year and so far so good

Anna Mckendry:
Too many people! Lots of on-lookers, and tons of players. I have never seen such a big sax that chris was playing! I lie, I have. but hey, the computers free. we even have Dudley , Bruce’s dog here with us. alas, I must go, for I may miss some of the fun fun fun D to B flat song!

Bruce Forman:
After some rambunctious offerings, we settled into an acoustic thing with a few old tunes: Chinatown, I got rhythm, and Black Orpheus, and I can hear it building up…hope it holds...after all, the police station is next door…yikes! chris brought in some actual arrangements, I think we’ll ascend into some organized happenings here, before the next onslaught…stay tuned.

Noah Freedman: - 8:26
it’s been about an hour and 20 minutes in so far, and we have quite a crowd here. The music’s hot, we’ve got our mascot Dudley here, and Michael Weisman and I are glad to see a surplus of food building up. It’s all good here, more later on.

Anna Mckendry: - 8:46 (47 people!!!)
Yummmmmmm…. food. amazingly, the chocolate has already… Disappeared!! Who’s the culprit? Anyway, there is a lot of good food here. rumor has it there is a cake in hiding somewhere. mmmmmm… CAKE!!! Another rumor--- PIZZA!!! too bad I have already eaten… oh well. Shovel Blues is playing now, and hopefully Cold Duck Time is on it’s way. but it looks like other people want to use the computer so I wont keep you.:D

Anna Mckendry: - 8:57
Wild schmild! whatever. the drums are rockin out to a 123 beat and the trumpet is, once again, going WILD!!! Nothing much more to report except for the fact that all these people keep coming in and looking over my shoulder! but anyway, this is a lot of fun, my first time doing it, and I hope not my last!!

Chris Lopez: - 9:05
well… we just got done with like a six song set… not quite feelin tired… yet my throat is feeling a bit sore from groanin pretty much a 10-15 minute blues song and yeah… we did this like totally awesome shuffle-blues in F it was tre cool I can’t wait to see what the rest of the time brings
23 hours to go

Anna Mckendry: - 9:10
Arent I glad im not staying all night? Hahaha. but anyway. people are starting to be like me--- loading up on CHOCOLATE!! some day I will be addicted, so enjoy non-hyper anna while you can. Anna likes talking of herself like Elmo does. Because anna thinks elmo rocks. Because he does. J shuffle blues are I bit down beat, but they are still very nice. right now the “Carmel Kids” are playing; I’m not sure what though…

Grace McKendry:
I’m tired!!!!!! I am eating lots of chocolate! was, anyhow. I love the word “anyhow” It’s such a cool word and nobody ever says it. Anyhow,(there’s that word again!!!) The music is getting softer. It’s 9:22. yep. It’s only that early and yet I am tired. I guess it’s all the air hockey I’ve been playing.

Anna Mckendry: - 9:31
Bruce just told us we have to be quiet. yay! no offense, but some times guitars get a bit loud (don’t hurt me Bruce! I didn’t mean it!). so here comes a “Father and Son” jam. Rumor has it that there is a duo somewhere, but I am not sure if that is true. Gabe and his father it turns out ARE the Father and Son duo. sounds quite good. pizza has arrived and is very tasty! yay!

Ari Freedman: - 9:39
I like the duet. The piano and the guitar go together very well. 40 people here right now…including me!

matt hannas
I am so glad I came to bop til you drop. I thought it was so cool to play the drums in front of everybody tonight I love JAZZMASTERS!

Anna Mckendry: - 10:07
So long see everybody tomorrow. I have to go and we haven’t even played COLD DUCK TIME!!! WAAHHH! oh well. Dudley (mascot) is getting sleepy but has the smell of pizza stuck in his head and will not let go of it. he is sure he will find some pizza some where somehow. but anyway. tomorrow I will dominate being the perky person! Muahahaha! Mutilation! anyway I had my pizza and now my mom is nagging me to go so I have to! I will see everybody around 6 pm tomorrow! byebye for now!

matt hannas
The pizza is REALLY GOOD!!! I’m having a great time and I really mean GREAT !!! I am having a good time with my best bud ,alex schramm his dad takes the time to drive us hear every Monday in the schramm mobile.

Dylan Swift: - 10:33
The dim light of the laptop is nearly all that remains as the small combo of denis, chris, and bruce finish a small set. The crowd sits in awe as they breathe in the soft exhalations from chris’ lush brassy cooing. The sound of a distant air hockey game acts as the crackling fire to this set of noah-esque Christmas carols. Let’s just say, the mood here is sentimental.

Chris Lopez - 10:40
well… just got finished with a set and I think I did pretty good. Played with some pretty hott dudes (dennis and Bruce). Man… it’s soo awesome that I can display a different side of myself to the public and have them sit with all ears on my sound. It was absolutely amazing. Maybe I’m getting tired and delirious. Or maybe I’m just in awe from the feeling I had up in from of everyone while I was playing. I don’t know. but whatever it was…. it was good. I hope this all goes well… 22 and a quarter hours left

Jacob braccio - 10:45
the music has taken a turn for the mellower and I for one am all for it. Dale and aaron have also just arrived which was pretty exciting.

Bruce Forman
here we are—good music, bad jokes

matt hannas - 11:35
We are jamming!!! and it is GREAT!!!!!!!! I think me and my bud alex,and some friends may start a band of our own.

alex schramm - 11:50
I’m sleepy and all this slow music and ballads aren’t helping!